Volunteer abroad with animals and nature.

By volunteering abroad you as a volunteer will help local nature organisations and animal sanctuaries, which are committed to help in shelter, rehabilitation, protection and conservation of animals and nature. Be part of a volunteer program you will get an unique experience that you will never forget. You also often come to places where you as a tourist will not come soon. Global Spirit makes it possible.

Unfortunately, Global Spirit will be closed as of December 31, 2023.
Our website and e-mail will remain available for those interested for the time being.

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Your commitment to a project is very important. Without your help, local animal and nature conservation organizations can not commit themselves sufficiently to help, shelter and protect nature and its inhabitants. Do you also want to work as a volunteer? Then quickly view our projects.

Global Spirit | Volunteering work with animals abroad


By doing volunteer work, you can make the difference for the local animals and nature. Whether it concerns the rehabilitation of birds of prey, protecting sea turtles or ensuring that monkeys receive the right care, your contribution is of great importance. Moreover, it is the perfect way to get a great travel experience!


Anyone can volunteer with animals, regardless of your skills, age and the amount of time you have available. On the project you will learn everything that is needed to work with wild animals. And that is important for your own safety, but also that of animals and nature.


The location depends for a large part on the type of animals you want to work with. We offer projects around the world. If you would like to work with monkeys, you can go to Indonesia, Thailand or Kenya for example. If you want to work with wolves, that is in Portugal. Immerse yourself in the animals and look at the volunteer trips in which countries they are offered.