Global Spirit is an organization that for almost 15 years has been committed to and offers assistance to nature organizations in different parts of the world by sending them volunteers. By sending these nature organizations, which mainly consist of projects for animal welfare and nature conservation, volunteers, they are not only helped financially, but also by manpower. Without this help some projects could not even exist anymore and that would be a great shame because these projects are very important for now and for the future.

Global Spirit therefore offers no ordinary trips, but volunteer trips. Travel where both young (usually from 18 years) and old can perform volunteer work with animals on various nature projects abroad and gain a unique experience with this. The founder of Global Spirit has traveled extensively and has also gained extensive experience, by working as a volunteer on various nature projects.

The volunteer trips that Global Spirit offers are provided with extensive information. This contains almost everything you need to know and what you can expect, per project, if you would like to do volunteer work abroad. Not only information from the relevant project itself is described, but also concerns the country where you are going and what you can possibly do in your spare time, because seeing something of the country itself is often a must. On this website information is described per project, and you can download the extensive information that you can find on this site under any project free of charge.

We offer projects around the world. At the moment we offer several projects in Chile, Costa Rica, Greece, Indonesia, Italy, Kenya, Croatia, Portugal, Sri Lanka, Thailand and South Africa. But in the future our offer may be expanded with projects in other countries. We wish you a lot of fun on our website and hope to see you on one of our offered projects in the future!