Global Spirit offers unique and exciting volunteer opportunities all over the world. Our volunteer vacations give you the chance to work with wild animals and truly interact with the environment a fascinating experience that you will never forget!

CodeProject nameCountry
GS39EZGRProject: DonkeysGreece
GS06ZSGRProject: Sea turtlesGreece
GS24WDITProject: Whales & dolphinsItaly
GS07ADHRProject: Adriatic dolphinsKroatia
GS23WOPTProject: WolvesPortugal
Central & South America
CodeProject nameCountry
GS19VACLProject: Different monkeysChile
GS26ZSCRProject: Sea turtlesCosta Rica
GS36ZSCRProject: Pacific sea turtlesChile
CodeProject nameCountry
GS12CAKEProject: Colobus monkeysKenya
GS27ZSKEProject: Sea turtlesKenya
GS21MAZAProject: Marine adventureSouth Africa
GS22PAZAProject: HorsesSouth Africa
GS28DKZAProject: Animals and childrenSouth Africa
GS32VAZAProject: Different monkeysSouth Africa
GS34PIZAProject: PenguinsSouth Africa
GS38BKZAProject: Big catsSouth Africa
CodeProject nameCountry
GS30RVIDProject: Birds of prey (and sea turtles)Indonesia
GS31OUIDProject: Orang-utans and wildlifeIndonesia
GS40ZSIDProject: Sea turtlesIndonesia
GS37WLIDProject: WildlifeIndonesia
GS33ONLKProject: Elephants and natureSri Lanka
GS01WGTHProject: White-handed gibbonsThailand
GS03AOTHProject: Asian elephantsThailand