This project protects various birds of prey including the Brahmin kite (Haliastur indus) and the White Bellied Sea Eagle (Haliaaetus leucogaster).

The Brahmin kite is distinguishable from other birds of prey because of its characteristic white head and chest and maroon back, wings and tail. This bird of prey lives mainly in coastal areas in eastern Asia and Oceania. Mangrove forests, harbours and beaches are the most important habitats. The Brahmin Kite is a scavenger, but is primarily a fish-eater. The white bellied sea eagle is a distinctive bird. An adult bird has a white head, chest and tail and has a dark grey back and wings, which are in nice contrast with the white feathers. The white bellied sea eagle is a habitant of India, Sri Lanka to Southeast Asia to Australia. On the coast this eagle hunts fish, which is about half of his diet. Aside from the birds of prey the project also protects turtles during the turtle season (December–May).


Volunteer work with birds of prey in Indonesia. the main goals of this project are to take care of the birds of prey and rehabilitate them where possible and also the protection of sea turtles during the turtle season. Additional the project works with the local community on recycling projects on a nearby island. Also they organize cleaning actions with school children who are given information about conservation.

This project can be combined well with the project wildlife (GS37WLID) and/or project orangutans and wildlife (GS31OUID).

The project staff consists of 3 persons. Two staff members will support the volunteers. The language spoken at this project is English, but it is useful to know some Indonesian words.

The project is situated on a little tropic island in front of the coast of Jakarta. During your stay nice activities will be offered to volunteers like snorkelling , a day experience about coral protection activities and learn about the different sorts of coral.

You will have to arrange your journey to Jakarta by yourself. Detailed travel information will be given after your booking.

The work varies and for example your tasks can be:

  • Cleaning the cages
  • Caring and feeding the raptors
  • Observing the raptors before and after they’ve been released
  • Patrols on the beach looking for sea turtle eggs (December-May) and secure them if necessary
  • Cleaning the beaches
  • Probably give English lesson to the local personnel of the program

You’ll work 6 days a week (about 6 hours a day) and have one day off.

Volunteers will stay in a basic bungalows. The bungalows has two bedrooms which will perhaps be shared with other participants.

As a volunteer you must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum age for participation is 18 years old
  • Have a passion for working with animals
  • Love nature
  • Be adventurous
  • Talking the Indonesian language isn’t requested, but we recommend to learn some basic Indonesian words
  • There are no required vaccines for this project, but recommended vaccines are DTP, hepatitis A, typhoid (for the most actual information we advise you to contact your local medical clinic).

Volunteers are welcome all year around. You are free to choose your own arrival date. Minimum period of 1 week.

Unfortunately this project is not running for volunteers for the time being in 2020.

Unfortunately this project is not running for volunteers for the time being in 2020.

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Everything you need to know before you book this project:
Extensive information Project Birds of Prey (PDF)