This project is a rescue centre for several species of monkeys including: Woolly monkeys, Spider monkeys, Squirrel monkeys, Capuchins monkeys, Howler monkeys, Tamarinds en Common Marmosets. Currently the project gives a home to monkeys from circuses, laboratories, ex pets, zoos, etc.


Volunteer work with monkeys in Chile; The project was founded in 1994 as a refuge for ex pets and ex zoo monkeys, which they now form a stable group with natural kinship bonds and a dominance hiëerarchy based on responsible leadership. The project’s goals are: to provide a more natural lifestyle, given space, to the animals, often socially disturbed and humanized individuals. They want these animals to be treated with respect. To rehabilitate physically and psychologically monkeys and try to reintroduce monkeys to their natural habitat those who can.; Fighting the illegal exotic pet industry.; Briefing current and future generations of the protection and conservation of primates.

The centre employs five persons. They are all very enthusiastic and hospitable, and they enjoy working with volunteers. The language spoken mainly is English and Spanish. Not everybody speaks English, so it’s very useful when you are able to speak basic Spanish (but it’s not required).

The project is situated about 45 minutes from Santiago, the capital city of Chile. In Santiago there is much to see and to do. The coast (Vina del Mar (‘The garden city’) and Valparaiso (‘Jewel of the pacific’) are about 1 hour and 40 minutes from the project. Here you can do diving, horseback riding, sky diving, relax at the beach, etc.

You will be responsible for arranging your own transport to Santiago, Chile. Detailed travel information will be provided after you’ve booked.

Volunteer work with monkeys varies. Your tasks may include:

  • Preparing food and feeding the monkeys;
  • Cleaning the monkey enclosures;
  • Helping with building, repairing, painting and general maintenance of the monkeys territory and environment;
  • Gardening and general maintenance.

You’ll work 5,5 days a week (about 8 hours a day) and have 1,5 day off each week (normally Saturday afternoon and Sundays).

You will stay in 1 of the 3 private homes of the family who founded this Primate Centre. Normally spoken you’ll share your bedroom with 1 or more volunteers. You will share the other facilities, like bathroom and kitchen, with the other occupants and family.

As a volunteer you must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum age is 18 years old;
  • You must be very motivated;
  • Able to work in a team;
  • Be able to comminicate in English (Spanish isn’t required, but is desirable).

Volunteers are welcome all year round. You are free to choose your own arrival date. The duration of your stay must be minimum 2 weeks or longer.

Period Price per person
2 weeks € 900,00
Every extra week € 375,00
Costs include:

  • Information and assistence before departure;
  • If desired, estimate of flight options / travel possibilities (the most convenient flights options at a glance);
  • Airport pick up to the project
  • Accommodation;
  • 3 meals a day;
  • A donation to the project;
  • Training en supervision;
  • Administrative costs;
  • And, of course a very memorable experience!

Prices are valid for the said periods in the year 2023.

Everything you need to know before you book this project:
Extensive information Project Different monkeys in Chile (PDF)