This project is interested in the conservation of different sea turtles, but in particularly the Green sea turtle, the Hawskbill- and the Olive Ridley sea turtle which nest all on the beaches of Costa Rica.


Volunteering with sea turtles in Costa Rica; Every year, Green-, Olive Ridley- and Hawksbill turtles come to beaches of Costa Rica, to lay their eggs. The project’s goal is to preserve sea turtles and to protect their eggs.

The project is located in southwestern Costa Rica, in the Puntarenas Province, on the Pacific Ocean. Nature is beautiful and you are able to spot many exotic birds, different monkey species and many other mammals and amphibians. During your free time you can make a beautiful boat ride or hiking through the jungle, horseback riding tours. Enjoy the magnificent nature and wildlife, whale watching, read books, relax in hammocks, play sports with other volunteers. There is also the possibility to stay some time (before or after your participation) at the backpackers hostel from the project at another location where you also can do a lot of excursions (at additional costs).

You will be responsible for arranging your own transport to the project in Costa Rica. Further details on travel information to the project will be provided after your booking.

Volunteer work with turtles means for example:

  • Upon arrival at the camp, you will be introduced to the methodologies of the project, and the techniques that you will be required to master, by means of a number of training presentations and workshops on the beach.
  • Morning patrols: The purpose of this activity is to record the number and distribution of tracks left on the beach by nesting turtles, and to survey the work of the patrols from the night before in the daylight. New nests are also camouflaged and protected from poaching. The morning patrol is normally conducted by two volunteers and takes around three hours.
  • Night patrols:Night patrols offer volunteers the chance to meet endangered sea turtles face to face and protect their eggs from being poached. Nesting sea turtles are tagged in order to identify females, monitor hunting and incidental fishing, identify habitats and migration patterns, and determine the longevity and reproductive lifetime of the turtles. Biometric data are collected in order to monitor the distribution and frequency of nests left on the beach, the number of eggs laid in each nest, and the size and condition of each turtle found.
  • Other tasks: ranging from the preparation and cleaning of beaches, construction and organization of field infrastructure, gardening, maintenance of trails, ecotourism development, environmental educations activities, and community work such as painting schools, building recycling stations, and assisting with community events and fundraising activities.

You will work about 6 days/nights a week 5/6 shifts a week (about 4-6 hours a day/night) and have 1 day off each week.

Volunteers will stay in a nice eco-lodge in mixed dorms with private bathrooms. The camp has several communal areas with hammocks, yoga place, beach volleyball and hand-wash laundry facilities.

As a volunteer you must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum age of 18 year
  • Volunteers must be able to communicate in English (or Spanish)
  • Being friendly and able to work in extreme weather conditions
  • There are no required vaccinations for this project but vaccinations for DTP and Hepatitis A are advised. (for the most actul information we advise you to contact a vaccination service)

Volunteers are welcome from July – December (sea turtle season). Starts every Tuesday. Minimum stay of 2 weeks.

Period Price per person
2 weeks € 625,00
3 weeks € 870,00
4 weeks € 1.100,00
every extra week € 215,00
every extra day € 32,00
Costs include:

  • Information and assistence before deparure
  • If desired, estimate of flight options / travel possibilities (the most convenient flights options at a glance)
  • Accommodation
  • 3 meals a day
  • Training and guidance
  • A donation to the project
  • Program- and administrative costs
  • And, of course a very memorable experience!

Prices are valid for the said periods in the year 2020.