This project is interested in the conservation of different sea turtles, but in particularly the Leatherback turtle, the Green turtle and the Hawksbill turtle which nest on the beaches of Costa Rica.


Volunteering with sea turtles in Costa Rica. Every year, Leatherback, Green and Hawksbill turtles come to beaches of Costa Rica, to lay their eggs. The project’s goal is to preserve sea turtles and to protect their eggs. The project is a true community-based project, but they need the support of volunteers to continue with their work.

The project staff is enthusiastic and enjoys working together with national and international volunteers. The languages spoken at the project are English and Spanish.

The project is located in a village on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. This village is accessible by boat or by plane. Life is simple and relaxed. There are schools, churches, bars, restaurants, small hotels, and general stores called “pulperias” that are owned by people in the community.

During your free time you can make a beautiful boat ride or a jungle tour and enjoy the magnificent nature and wildlife , go fishing, read books, relax at the beach, play sports with other volunteers or locals, and enjoy Caribbean relaxed life.

You will be responsible for arranging your own transport to the project in Costa Rica. Further details on travel information to the project will be provided after your booking.

Volunteer work with turtles means for example:

  • Mainly evening/night patrols on the beach together with a local turtle guide, looking for (nesting) sea turtles, counting and replacing eggs, making nests, measuring the sea turtles, checking for tracking tags, recording data, and relocating nests to a hatchery on the beach;
  • You may also have the opportunity to safeguard hatchlings from predators and from getting stuck in debris on the beach as they emerge from the sand to begin their first journey to the ocean;
  • Help with the weekly beach clean-up to clear trash from the beach, as sea turtles often mistake it for food;
  • There are also a variety of community projects that you can start up such as giving English lessons, language practice with the locals, crafts with the children, gardening, reforestation, and any other project that you feel might benefit the project. Own initiative is much appreciated.

You will work about 6 days/nights a week (about 4 hours a day/night) and have 1 day off each week.

Volunteers will stay in a home stay (living with a local Costa Rican family) or the volunteerhouse.

Home stay: It is a wonderful opportunity to be immersed in a new culture and to become part of the community. All home stays offer volunteers a private room with a fan and mosquito net. There are homes that can accommodate 1 or 2 people and a few for 3 or 4 people.

We take great care in providing each home stay family with equal amounts of volunteers, but we also try to match you as best as we can. The more information we have about you the better we are able to match you with a home stay family. You can fill in preferences about this subject on the booking form.

Volunteer house: The house has 4 bedrooms and provides 4/5 beds per room (2 with privat bathroom). So you can share a room with other volunteers. There is a communal kitchen and WIFI. Also a laundry service is provided and all bedrooms have fans and mosquito nets.

If you’re interested in participating this project but you prefer to stay in other accommodation like lodge/hotel/camping etc. please contact us through the booking form.

As a volunteer you must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum age of 18 year, unless accompanied by a parent/caregiver, also family volunteering is possible;
  • Volunteers must be able to communicate in English (or Spanish);
  • There are no required vaccinations for this project but DTP and Hepatitis A are advised. (for the most actual information we advise you to contact a vaccination service).

Volunteers are welcome in from March – September (sea turtle season). You are free to choose your own arrival date. The minimum stay is 1 week.

Period Price per person (from age 15 years)
1 week € 485,00
2 weeks € 805,00
every extra week € 225,00
every extra dag € 35,00

Periode Price per person (from age 15 years)
1 week € 550,00
2 weeks € 930,00
every extra week € 285,00
every extra day  €   45,00

Costs include:

  • Information and assistence before deparure
  • If desired, estimate of flight options / travel possibilities (the most convenient flights options at a glance)
  • Housing with a local family
  • 3 meals a day
  • Laundry service
  • Turtle training program
  • A donation to the project / local community
  • Program and administrative costs
  • And, of course a very memorable experience!

For participation costs and accommodation in a lodge/hotel/camping etc. instead of a homestay or the volunteer house, please contact us through the contact form.

Prices are valid for the said periods in the year 2020.

Everything you need to know before you book this project:
Extensive information Project Sea turtles in Costa Rica (PDF)