Participants are not obliged to take out cancellation insurance. Nevertheless we advise you to do this, even with “last minute” bookings. It is possible that something just happens that forces you to postpone or even cancel your trip. As a mediation organization we charge costs for this. The short-term cancellation insurance from A.S.R. can reimburse these costs, provided there is a valid reason for this.

You can fully adapt the short-term cancellation insurance to your wishes. Choose a standard cancellation insurance or an all-round cancellation insurance policy. Both apply for departure and during your holiday. You are protected against the costs of cancellation and unused travel days. Note: you can only call on your short-term cancellation insurance for unforeseen events. Is an event or situation before the cancellation insurance is already known? Then a cancellation insurance does not offer cover.

The premium is 5.5% of the travel sum.

The policy costs are € 3.50.
If the insurance is taken out simultaneously with the short-term travel insurance of A.S.R., you only pay the policy costs once. Approximately 21% insurance tax is due on the premium and policy costs.

Prices and insurance tax are subject to (legal) changes.

Shut down at the same time:
The cancellation insurance can best be concluded at the same time with booking your trip. If you wait 7 days or longer, the consequences of events are i.v. Existing diseases, deviations or conditions of the insurance are excluded. It is therefore a whole less worry, when you take out the cancellation insurance immediately upon booking.

It is also possible to take out an all-round cancellation insurance. If you opt for this insurance, you decide whether you cancel the trip or return home earlier. Do you do that for a standard reason mentioned in the policy conditions? Then you will be reimbursed 100%. Do you do that for another reason? For example because your best friend has become seriously ill, or if you still get that new job and have to start soon? Then you will receive 75% of the cancellation costs or termination compensation. Note: you are not entitled to a benefit if you want to cancel the trip or cancel early because, for example:
– you do not feel like it anymore;
– the weather conditions are not good (for example, too much rain or too little sun);
– the travel organization or airline is bankrupt;
– there is a calamity that compensates the Calamity Fund.

If you want to cancel the all-risk cancellation, please indicate this on the booking form under the ‘any or additional comments’.

For the exact policy conditions and more detailed information concerning this cancellation insurance, please refer to: A.S.R.