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Are you already familiar with Assembli‘s ‘animal projects’? If not, then it’s about time! Assembli is a Dutch brand that develops paper and cardboard ‘do it yourself’ projects. These DIY projects are also known as animal paper crafts. From animal heads of wolves, horses and dolphins, to colorful butterflies and insects. Sustainability is very important for Assembli. That is why they only use materials that are FSC certified. As they say themselves ”The Earth is our home”. Always inspired by animals and nature. Every year they look for a new flora or fauna project to support. That is how they ended up with us and our animal projects. They think it’s a great idea to support the animals in the shelters, all research projects and the hard-working people on the projects. Animal heads that are sustainable and animal-friendly, the link with Global Spirit is of course quickly made. So, that’s why we decided to join forces!


Each period of 2/3 months is devoted to a different animal and therefore also a different project. A total of 4 different animals have been chosen to match the paper animal heads.

  • For each Assembli animal head sold, €1 will go to the associated Global Spirit project during the promotional period. Outside the promotial period you can use the code .. That way we know that you want to support your favorite animal through this promotion.
  • When you book a volunteer project with Global Spirit*, you get one of the featured animal heads for free. Nice for yourself or give it as a gift. * To be eligible for a free animal head you must have made a deposit for a project to Global Spirit and have booked a project with a departure date in 2022 or 2023.

Animal projects

The following animal projects will take center stage in the coming year:

  1. The wolf project (Portugal) / action period 1 March – 30 April ’22
  2. The dolphin- and whale projects (Croatia, Italy, Greece and South Africa) / action period1 May – 30 June ’22
  3. The sea turtle projects (Greece, Costa Rica, Kenya and Indonesia)
  4. The horse project (South Africa)

The wolf project

Our wolf project offers a home to the Iberian wolf, a small wolf species found only in Portugal and Spain. The Iberian wolf is unfortunately in danger of extinction. The wolves that have been taken care of at the project can no longer return to nature. The rescue center ensures that the wolves can lead a life as natural as possible. The animals live in a large, natural (fenced) environment in which they can roam freely. They are fed 2 to 3 times a week (in the wild a wolf does not eat every day either 😉). The activities on the wolf project in Portugal include observing the wolves, feeding the animals and refreshing drinking water. You also maintain the grounds and you help with the maintenance of the forest. And most importantly: as a volunteer you help to maintain and protect the wolf. An unforgettable experience that no one can take away from you!

So, book the project now, do your part to preserve the beautiful Iberian wolf and receive an ‘Assembli DIY wolf head’ gift. In addition, €1 per sold wolf head goes to our wolf project in Portugal.