Would you like to volunteer with animals abroad? Do you have a passion for animals and nature? Then you’ve come to the right place at Global Spirit. For over 18 years we have been working with various projects worldwide that are committed to the shelter and protection of wild animals. For example, would you like to work with different types of monkeys? Then you can visit our projects in Thailand, South Africa, Kenya, or Chile. Are you more interested in marine animals, such as dolphins or sea turtles? Then we have an enormous offer both within and outside Europe.

In addition to contributing to the well-being of nature and its inhabitants, you will also visit places you would normally never visit. So a unique experience.


Global Spirit offers volunteer projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and Central and Latin America with a huge variety of animal species. All our projects focus on the welfare of (wild) animals and nature. We work with different types of organizations, including shelters and research centers. The main goals of these projects are the rescue and care of wild animals. In most of our projects, animals are temporarily sheltered until they are strong enough to survive in nature on their own (rehabilitation trajectory). However, some projects give a permanent home to the animals. Unfortunately, these can no longer return to a life in the wild. They will be on the project forever and will be looked after in the best possible way.


You can visit our projects for both a long and a short period. For example, if you have a gap year from your studies, gain experience by doing volunteer work with animals abroad. You can of course also combine the projects with a nice trip. You can also contact us for short periods. Ready for a holiday, but do you also want to do something useful? Then you’re in the right place with Global Spirit. This way you can contribute to the animals and the earth in various ways. For all possibilities for volunteering with animals abroad, please contact us.

From volunteering with elephants to penguins and from lions to monkeys, Global Spirit makes it possible!